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  • I want to share a story
    A few nights ago I was supposed to travel by train with my son alone at night.

    My husband was out of town and he forgot to mail me the ticket and his phone was not reachable last minute we didn't have
    the tickets.

    so I and my mother started chanting reach switch word... In 2 mins my father remembered the ticket will be in his mail.
    and I suddenly remembered the password to his mail...I logged in and got the tickets

  • Hii reeya

    Today I have started with using negativity oil and abundance oil

    Ur bach flower remedy working I was having a problem with breathlessness when I used to walk or do any work.
    I am happy to share with u m feeling much much better.. .. now I don't feel breathless when I work run-walk... Thanks a lot, A reeya U r angle for me...

  • Madam, deep deep gratitude and millions thanks for making this video.

    I was crying while watching this.
    I felt like I already manifested all these.
    Frankly I was upset last week and I thought I wasted my money. But after seeing the video, I just want to thank you.
    I totally loved om namah shivay in the background, loved every part of the video.
    And I love hummingbirds a lot, I am actually connected to them for 3 years, they are my angels, I feed them in my backyard.

    They show me some signs when there is good news in my life.
    Totally loved the Kedarnath part in fact all my dream travel locations I am completely in love with these.
    I loved everything in this video.
    Thank you so much

  • Mam another successful testimony
    Had order black tourmaline
    Was very worried about the money arrangements because so overloaded with debts

    So couldn't concentrate on everything I have to pay rent on 10 and the amount is High so as guided by you I wrote it on a paper on the 3rd of March and yesterday I paid it

  • At first, we dint know what to do, and then we started and prayed Wolf, at that time my husband went to the ATM and blocked the card, we had already sent 6-8 Otps.

    And then there was a transition of about10,000rs.

    Thank you so much mean for your switch words it really Did help. We did not lose all the money in the bank.
    That's because of your switch words.
    Thank you very very much, mam.

  • I watched the vision video at least 25-30 times yesterday through the day, before going to sleep and after getting up too.

    Today my son had a badminton tournament and he did really really well considering he's playing badminton only for a month, he came 3 rd and is getting a medal and certificate for the same.

    The vision video is already working wonders for me. A big thankyou to Reeyaji for all the hard work and effort put into my vision video and u Deepa for all the coordination.

    I'm so full of gratitude. Thankyou, Thankyou so much!!!!

  • It's my testimony ma'am,
    Adding to the above one day I got to make a report in the office, I was making that report the first time and no 1 had made that report before me.

    I was trying my best to make it perfect at that time I was listening and chanting it, suddenly I don't know what happened the fields which need to be filled manually by me got filled up and each field was filled up correctly.

    I hadn't filled up those fields by myself neither I had applied any formula.
    It was filled up automatically. It's was just like a miracle which is been shown in divine serials like Vishnu Puran etc.

    Whenever I get stuck in any problem, I chant this mantra and Gopal is there with me to help me.
    Thank you ma'am for sharing this mantra.

  • yesterday was our last financial working day for the year 2020-2021.

    Will the blessing of you and Naran sir I achieved my set targets by the company. I have no words to express my gratitude and happiness for making me a proud employee.

    I trust you and I love u.
    You are the real angel sent by God when we are trapped in darkness.

    May God shower more power and positivity to you so that people like me are saved from the darkness.

    Once again thank you so much for all your support.

  • Maam I want to share something a Few days back I told you that I didn't get into the company which I wanted

    But guess what I gave an interview with that organization and I am selected.

    Though the package which I expected is less but still

    I have been chanting all the switch words which you shared during my last consultation

    Thank u mam

  • Hello mam, yesterday night there was a heavy wind storm and rain in Hyderabad and power was gone for so long, there was no hope for power coming in that situation as it was raining heavily.
    I thought I will try wolf chanting.

    I chanted WOLF MAGIC BEGIN NOW as you suggested in one of your videos and guess what power came back in 5 mins, which was very shocking.
    Wolf has created real magic.
    Thank you so much.

  • Mam
    Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you so much for your guidance

    In this period when the gold prices went down, I was struggling to get money and pay Manapuram finance...
    They told me gold will get sold in the auction but a million thanks to you and Naran sir

    Ur remedy was so helpful to me I am so, so so so grateful to you and Naran sir ma'am for all the wonderful teaching

    My gold is safe in Manapuram I had lost hope Miraculously the money got arranged and I could be paid it

    Million, million, million thanks to you for your guidance and teaching ma'am

  • Ma’am I would like to share my testimony

    I had ordered black tourmaline after watching your YouTube video (you had advised your father for the same ) for renting of property, I tried the remedies which you had told in the video.

    It was a miracle, within 3 days I could get a tenant, he himself contacted me and agreed to all our terms.

    I had no hopes that the property would go on rent looking at the current COVID situation.

    Thank you so much Reeya ma’am and Naran sir
    May God bless you thank you so much

  • Thank you very much reeya mam. When I watched this video,it gave me goosebumps and a constant smile and content in my heart. The best vision of my job. And surprisingly in the video, the dictation which you add from youtube.

    I practice from that channel only..this coincidence is magical as there are many channels on YouTube.i am so happy and thankful to you.

    I love you mam

    Oh god, thank you so much, mam for your blessings.

    I was crying and simultaneously smiling while watching the video. No words to express my feeling right now. Good night mam

  • From past few months I'm feeling some negetive energy creating trouble for me

    I was facing health problems,and feeling heaviness in my head
    I even cannot sleep at night, whenever I sleep,someone wakes me up.

    It was really haunting as I did not believe in ghost stories earlier,I was really scared then you told me to chant a switch word.

    I followed the same and I am absolutely fine now without any pooja and only in few days.

    This was really a miracle for me.

    I have not to wait for so long, your remedies work in just 1or 2 days.

    I got really instant results ,I'm really lucky to connect with you.

    It seems God has sent you to help so many people

  • Hi mam

    ek baat share karne thi ap se muje 3 months se jo periods ke problem thi vo solve.

    Ho gaye hai ab periods regular ho gaye hai

    . Thx u and thx u Hari Om Mantra

  • , I want to extend my heartiest gratitude to her as I got the news of my promotion this morning.

    Thank you thank you thank you

    . I used to watch your videos of promotion. I chanted the mantras 5000 times for two days.

    Though my interview happened a week back but I got the confirmation just today.

    First thing in the morning an email from my managing director.

    I am absolutely thrilled and filled with gratitude for her.

    This is a breakthrough for me to get an opportunity to work with immediate team of the managing director.

    Thank you thank you thank you

  • Hii mam

    I'm glad to get this opportunity to give a review n feedback on abundance oil

    I have purchased from you and believe me it shows great result.
    since I'm using it from a week with chanting mantra of vallabam gajanam ekdantam and Sri ram jai jai ram mantra With abundance oil twice daily.

    And my marriage life becoming positive .

    my hubby becomes more loving towards me thank you so much.

    Before we use to argue for small reasons and he use to support only his mothr and sister but since I'm using the oil and mantra also triggered it show the positive results in my marriage life.

    I'm also manifesting govt job with same oil

    Im sure I'm gonna post my success story of it soon
    thank u so very much mam
    for ur great efforts

    You have nourished many people like me with ur efforts.
    with loads of blessings n love

    once again thank u soooooo much

  • I am seriously speechless to say something about Vision Video

    When I started watching video after few mins automatically my tears rolled down.

    even my son got very emotional awesome, I am surprised that someone can understand my feelings and can put my dreams in this video.

    Thank you so much to you
    Thank you so much to Reeya ji
    Thank you so much to Naran sir

    I love you Reeya ji from bottom of my heart thank you for putting so much efforts.

  • I can't tell you how grateful I am to you.

    I am suffering from piles and constipation from very long time.

    I took medicines but that didn't help. I was randomly searching on YouTube for remedies and I saw your video.

    I started using the switch word which you told in the video.

    I am feeling relief now. Thank you so much for helping. Be blessed.

  • Namaste Ma'am
    Thank you very much..
    I used SW. Reach with the persons name, the person has returned
    Thank you very much
    May your teaching reach millions of people
    Take care

  • Hello ma'am
    first of all gratitude to you & Naran sir as well.
    Chanted the switch word, mantra & Batch flowers for periods. (Hari Om, Gorse, Sweet chestnut, Periods on now) & it worked like a miracle. Periods are on
    Lots of love.
    Thanks divine. thanks a lot

  • Hello Reeya ma'am

    I would like to share my testimony of Abundance oil as I started using this oil I got my flat possession which was pending since last one year and it is also given on rent within 2weeks of possession.

    Thank you so much and I really love you.You are really an Angelfor me.

  • Hello Maam,
    I had purchased your abundance oil last month and today I when I received the message of salary credited, I got unexpected 2400 rs. More than my usual salary.
    Also with abundance oil, I had chanted 'om kleem Krishnya Namaha'.
    Thank you very much.

  • Oh!!! my God

    woke up this morning with this powerful heart touching soul vision video.

    I am awestruck by maam's deep understanding about my life and exactly putting my thoughts in my Soul Vision Video.

    Million Thanks to maam her team member Naran sir for bringing so much positivity in my life.

  • I recently downloaded Vallabham Gajananam Ekadhantam and Durga Durgama videos from your channel and have been getting really good results after playing them.

    Thank you so much

  • Hello maam mera last year govt job ajmer LECTURER ki post per selection hua tha abhi 7th pe laga tho salery increment hua h thanku so much maam ur angel for me main lots of writing karti hu aap se hi sikha h thanku thank thanku Niran sir n aap ko dher Sara thanku love u both

    Main SHALINI aapki bahut badi fan hu love u maam

  • Hai reeya we made energy circle,my daughter's result for covid 19 is negative loads of thanks

  • Thank you Reeya Maam .
    Thanks for your YouTube vedio. I want to share my success story as today I revived Uk visa. After 1 rejection and continue hard work and effort today I receive Uk visa . I am following you from last 3 month and continues chanting your switch word . Crystal gorse wolf reach help Uk visa now . And finally my prayer work . Thank u so much you and Narang sir .

  • Hello Madam, good are you..?
    I would like to tell u..
    1) Hair oil is fantastic..
    2) abundance oil I m doing only night..
    3)the symbol which u gave me..I did lamination and kept one in pillow..and another one I seeing it full day.
    Now a days at home little peace.

  • Hello Madam,
    How are you..? thanks a lot.. I m lucky and blessed I got u..
    1 hair oil is very just few days I can see new hair on my Temple area of head..

  • Hello Reeya mam. Thank you so much.. Perfectly u made video as I want. Each n everything u covered. Awesome.. really I m very much happy... u r really hard work on my vision board... u made with lots of efforts. U covered all most whole dreams..
    Many Many thanks you lot

  • I asked you about the problem, that noida authority has issued electricity bill for the inactive meter, which has to be removed.
    And the amount was 100000/- yes, 1 lac Rupees, the expense is just unnecessary, I chanted the mantra, sri niwas arvind lochan, as well as water violet rock water larch gentian mimulus.
    And the magic is, the amount reduced to 30,000/- Rs.
    Thank you so much mam.

  • I asked you about the problem, that noida authority has issued electricity bill for the inactive meter, which has to be removed.
    And the amount was 100000/- yes, 1 lac Rupees, the expense is just unnecessary, I chanted the mantra, sri niwas arvind lochan, as well as water violet rock water larch gentian mimulus.
    And the magic is, the amount reduced to 30,000/- Rs.
    Thank you so much mam.

  • Hello mam,
    I want to share my experience of the money mind conditioning technique shared by you.

    It's just sooo impeccable!!
    I'm shocked to the core ! I watched your video just 2 days back and tried the technique 2 days

    you wontt beleive ive been getting 1300 dailllyy since 2 days!!! I had a small business and I'm getting 1300 daily as PROFIT

    . Thankyouu mam Love youuu

  • Reeyaji: namaste
    I have a testimony to give

    I had offered a small silver bansuri to laddu Gopal on Janmashtami. Since last two days it was not to be found as after puja when everything was cleaned:
    it must have got misplaced.I was very much restless and started
    chanting 'Reach' rigorously.

    To my surprise:I found it in my garden. I don't know how it reached there

    Thanx for the lovely sw . Thnx to Naran Sir too.

  • Hi Ma'am
    Want to thank u so much, after consulting you, your Mind Conditioning Technique has helped me so much today

    my elder daughter got bonus of Rs 43000/- which she had not expected because she had not completed one year in the company

    secondly I got Rs9500/- today in shares, once again thanks for being in life, god bless u and your family I am so happy today

  • Dear Reeya Mam,

    I really thank you for the time that you gave me during my consultation over the call.

    I had many issues you give me instantly one solution of Vision Video- which is customised as per my requirement as due to long working hours

    I can't make my own vision book / board / video.

    You have customised it as per my future plan/dream and also added your own intelligence to make it more innovative,

    I just feel so connected with the video and all the pictures are placed so gracefully that it connects to me. Really grateful to you Mam.

    Thank you for being part of my journey & making it worth living!

  • Hello mam thanyou so much

    My husband had fever fir 2 days so we went for corona test and i was continuously chanting cancel clear change Divine order

    And to the surprise reports were negative

    I also had done the concentric circle of corona protection
    I sm so much thankfull to you mam

  • Maam I am from west Bengal. I am preparing for competitive exam.But from last 2 months I could not able to concentrate in my studies

    After seeing videos from utube I started chanting Ambika mantra from last 2 weeks.

    It is a very powerful mantra After 2 days ,chanting this mantra I am able to concentrate in my studies properly

    Thank u so much maam for this mantra..

  • Hi Reeya

    I'm feeling so happy to share this testimonial with you

    . A month back I had a misunderstanding with my friend and he stopped talking to me completely.

    Every time I have a problem u come to rescue. I saw the video how to call pink energy.

    I did this exercise daily for a month and the person who was not ready to receive my call came to meet me and gave me a surprise and was taking as if nothing had happened.

    This is just magic which I did not expect. Thank you so much Reeya for all the magic you are spreading. I can't thank you enough. May god bless you dear.

  • Thank you ????

    Since last two years more I don't even remember since when I had big mole between two fingers which was growing bigger day by day inspite of taking homeopathic medicine( which I could not continue as since lockdown my doctor's clinic is closed.

    Also I had developed two more moles on my other fingers and additional two had started growing. I had seen your video on skin problems long back but never applied.

    Suddenly in the first week of June '20 , I started chanting crabapple agrimony and it's not even two months and all my moles are gone and my fingers are back to normal without any medication.

    Million thanks to you Reeya and to Naran sir

    Thank you

  • Hi mam
    Want to thank you!
    Mind conditioning technique helped me in achieving my target of the month of my business

  • Mam from the time I started doing this manifestation exercise
    I am getting everyday minimum 4000 Rupee's in my account.
    My 2 yrs long stuck money will be given today by my friend.
    You are really a divine light in my life.. Many thanks to Naran sir and you..

  • I am grateful that I learnt this techniques from you and I really appreciate your channel.

    I am very exicted to learn something new when ur new video comes even my mentor also is very appreciated you a lot and I always show her ur videos mam.

    Your teachings are awesome really I have seen thousand channel but ur is very different n unique and results are also there

    gratitude u n Naran sir

  • hello mam thank you so so much my elder sister son scored 85% in his 10 board exam because of switch word taken from you
    god bless lot
    keep going

  • Hi dear..
    How are you
    Thank you so much to u n Naran Sir
    My brother son got 91.8% in 10th stWe thought he will get above 80%.
    God bless you..

    Unbelievable marks for us....????????

  • Hi reeya
    How are you
    I share your covid 19 related videos with my one relative.
    7 person's reports came negative.
    N who was positive within 7 day's his reports came negative
    Thank u so much to u n Naran sir
    God bless you.

  • Hiii mam
    I told my mom to do mind conditioning technique and she immediately next day got 5000.
    we were in problem for money and the people who has about to give were delaying Thank you so much mam
    i love you mam

  • Hi Reeya

    I was in urgent need of money and yesterday I saw your money mind conditioning technique and then practised it once and then today I did it 3 times. You will not believe by evening I got 25k in my account. I was really surprised. Thank you so much Reeya for spreading your knowledge. God bless you dear

  • One nationalised vank z taking legal action on me even though i requested thm dat i shall pay d amount in 3 months,Can i chant change divine order?

    By reeya
    Start doing money mind conditioning
    Chant sweetchestnut Gorse change divine order

    Maam as told by u i started chanting sweetchestnut gorse change divine order
    Today i enquired n happy to knw dat court are taking only important cases these cases r delayed for now. Hopefully i ll get 3 months time to pay d amount

    U r an angel, God bless u

  • Hello mam you are such an angel to all of us.
    million billions thanks to you and naran sir.i am sharing my testimony.

    I was facing trouble in doing my love marriage because my family and my partner families where not ready for this and forcing us to do according to their choices.

    I was literally disturbed for an year.i have consulted you and you have given me some remedies mam

    (octopus CDO,walnut rockwater and one more statement which i kept under my pillow) and within 30 days my marriage got fixed without any issues
    now familes were happy
    thanx alot mam you an divine personality..never see such a helping person in my life
    I am always grateful to you.

  • Mam thanks a ton your teaching is doing wonder in life , i called pink energy to resolve some issues and its worked magically
    you are a divine soul

  • Ma'am love u love u love u
    Maam ,you are an angel

    Jab sey i have started following Money mind conditioning exercise my husband has started receiving projects without chasing anyone.

    People calling on their own
    Now Reeya Maam..aap mujhey silva method for relationship bhi sikha do

  • Hi Reeya di,

    This is a note of appreciation that u are absolutely amazing and beautiful inside out.
    I am also a follower of naran sir. Done workshops with him,but u have taken his teachings and wisdom to another level.. which is so commendable.

    The best part is ur ever helping nature and not keeping any secrets .

    I truly admire you for that. Would love to talk to you to share life experiences, sirs teachings etc.. more power to you

  • Hi Reeya di,

    This is a note of appreciation that u are absolutely amazing and beautiful inside out.
    I am also a follower of naran sir. Done workshops with him,but u have taken his teachings and wisdom to another level.. which is so commendable. The best part is ur ever helping nature and not keeping any secrets .. I truly admire you for that. Would love to talk to you to share life experiences, sirs teachings.. etc.. more power to you ❤️

  • Hello ma'am.
    Following are my experience of following your teachings.Million thanks to you and Naran Sir.

    One day in the night ,my daughter poured water on my mobile phone.It stopped working then sound got voice no sound.Whole night I chanted Change Divine morning my phone started working .No problems in sound.

    Yesterday after reading mind conditioning technique in your blog properly ,I started doing the same before going to bed.

    Today all of a sudden , we had received one project offer which was not supposed to come and that person was constantly avoiding us

  • Hi Reeya Ma'am

    How are you?
    You remember I had given you a call as my husband was in another city and due to the lock down he was not able to come. You had given me a switchword and told to call wolf for his safe return..
    Finally He returned safely yesterday

    .. Thank you so much to YOU and Naran Sir.. God bless you always with his best blessings..

  • Hi Reeya Ma'am

    How are you?
    You remember I had given you a call as my husband was in another city and due to the lock down he was not able to come. You had given me a switchword and told to call wolf for his safe return..
    Finally He returned safely yesterday

    .. Thank you so much to YOU and Naran Sir.. God bless you always with his best blessings..

  • Hi Mam
    One of my friend living out of India..was having severe headache and no medicine was giving relief..I told him to Chant over glass of water “OM howm vum joom Saha “
    And he is alright now
    Thank you Mam
    Love you so much
    You are an angel

  • Hello Riya mam,
    Hope you are doing well, My manager was asked me to present a topic in a team meeting. I am not confident and I don't have presentation skills. I had feared for presentation. I gone through your video related to presentation and followed all whatever you said in that. My presentation went well , my team members praised me and just only one query arise. Overall it was went well.
    Million Thanks for your help and thank you Naran Sir.
    God bless you...

  • I got 2 interview calls from my company immediately the next day I spoke to you even before starting to chant.

    And then I started chanting waiting for the results.. I was selected for both the roles...obviously I had to choose one which i want to go with.
    I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you for helping me out. God bless you.

  • Hello reeya’s ji. I wanted to thank you for your wonderful work to help people. Yesterday I lost my phone and I started chanting CERATO and within 10 mins I was to find. I have tried this technique few times and it worked each time. Thank you. God bless you.

  • Mam thank you so much for giving the switch word of Change divine morning when I got up there was no light and since no light was there the water didn't pump up our society construction is 30 + years very old so we do not have any backup so that pur motor will work if there is no main power supply so I started to chant the SW as I finish chanting 100th time... Like a miracle light came

  • Hi Madam
    Your video of wolf is so useful for me and got confidence for me after doing it . Yesterday at I suffered from head ache.I could not able to recover at that time my mother suggested me to chant about wolf,soon after chanting about wolf I got relief from my pain.
    Thank you Reeya Madam & Naran Sir.

  • Hi Reeya,

    Hope you are doing good.

    First of all, my heartiest gratitude to you.

    I want to share my amazing experience regarding wolf.
    Whenever I am in difficult situation, I call wolf and it always helped me a lot.
    Let me share you one of my experience.

    I am working with bank and during this lockdown situation , we were processing client's transactions on scanned basis after taking approvals that client will submit the original document before so and so date.
    One of my clients was not providing the original document and deadline of submission of document was nearing. I took so much of follow-ups. Documents has to come from USA and that time protest was also started in USA and everything was shut there. I internally checked in office, if pick up can be arranged in USA from client's place but it was not happening . I was so worried. I called wolf and wolf helped me. Pick up was arranged and also client dispatched the original documents by himself and I received the same on time.

    I was shocked and amazed that both the things happened. Divine has opened both his hands to help me.

    I really want to thank to you and Naran Sir.

    Your teachings are very helpful and amazing. I want to share my Gratitude to you.
    Thank you thank you thank you.

    God bless you always.

    Pratibha Verma

  • Hello ma'am
    Want to share my success story
    Firstly thank to you and Naran sir
    you gave me affermation
    520 find count divine up now done and
    Be redicules agrimony either bring magic take done

    Magic happen
    I got my money which was pending from last one and half year
    Thank you very much ????

  • I got result immediate within no was my second day and within 48hrs 4new people have approached and bought 4 bottles of oil from two other business deals are converted.

    As if some blockage was there.And i have become money magnet.Some how i have started attracting money.

    Somebody gave me 1300 Aed which is aed 26000 indian rupees.

    However this is some deals premium but just want to share that money is coming to me so bag is full of money????

  • Hii reeya
    Mind conditioning experience
    One person tranafered 30 aed means rupee 600 just now
    One lady gave me 2000 aed today.
    One more person has ordered 1 more oil bottle.
    This is the power of your teachings.

    Just did one time in office after u told me over phone

  • Hii mam
    Remember I had told you that last year I overachieved my target but due to company loss they did not give me my incentive and to that, you said don't worry and write this
    "Find why my salary has increased suddenly " ..
    I wrote that every day for the past 2 months keeping faith in you.

    Just 5 mins back we got a mail from our president saying July onwards they will be giving us this year 19-20 incentives ..
    You are my guardian angel Reeya Ji

    A tight hug and lots of love to you... Thank you thank you thank you

  • Hlo mam
    I want to share my experience
    From last one week I am playing three mantra chantings every night in my phone (chanted by you) . From khabri app.

    And yesterday night I talked to you and asked about remedy to sale a plot.

    You gave me switch words and I made energy circle for my husband and today noon we got costumer for buying a plot and the deal got final.

    And all this happened just after 15 hours of talking to you on CALLME4 app.

    My husband is really sooo happy
    And he is saying that chantings and mantras really work.
    Thanks thanks a lot
    You are really an angel for us
    Lots of love for you.

  • Hellodii
    I just wanted to share my testimony

    I have called you on 3 june 20 you have suggested me to write 520

    I was not aware of the power of angel number so as you told me I have started writing.

    Infact I was thinking it's lockdown time from where money will come.

    .Di you won't beleive I just got Rs10 k on 6 june (screen shot attached)which I was not even expecting from the person with whom I was not in touch from last 6 months and money suddenly came and I didn't even ask for money.

    I was surprised to see was miracle seriously.

    so I just wanted to share so that people like me who even doesn't knew the power of these magical number they should beleive the miracles.

    .I m sharing the screen shot of the amount and angel no which I was following diligently.

    .I m so happy.
    Thank you thank you thank you reeya di
    .you are a blessings.
    I m very sure now as u suggested the other things I will get that too soon lots of love n blessings to you

    jai mata di

  • Hi Reey
    I wanted to share some happy incident. One of my cousin was pregnant after her blood reports, doctor had told that some value was more and she was likely to get blood pressure.

    Yesterday she got checked every thing came normal and baby also healthy it's all because of your advice.

    I asked her to listen garbha sanskar audio, everyday she used to listen and chant mantras and sw also.

    I had seen in one of your videos that you were listening in your daughter pregnancy so I told her to do. She is very happy and thanked you. Now she is in 24th week.

    Thank you reeya so much for all the efforts your doing for the wellbeing of the people. I thank Naren sir also for the teachings.

  • Hello Reeya

    I wanted to share amazing news with you.

    You had recommended that I do mind conditioning for money and to win lottery and I have been doing that since our last call and today I got to know that I am eligible for getting $8000 from the government.

    My friend has been buying a common lottery ticket and have been winning$20 or a free play on every ticket.

    Thank you so much!! It's really working I am looking forward to win a big amount using mind conditioning!

    Thank you & god bless you and your family.

  • Hi Reeya,
    I wanted to share one real experience with you.
    My mom had some pain in her leg which lasted for one week.

    I saw your video for chanting switchword for pain and i did the same and in two days 80% of her leg pain has gone

    This was like a miracle for us.Thankyou so much for always helping us in some or the other way.

    I have so many more short experiences but this one was true quick miracle

  • I was expecting some money from goverment
    And now due to lockdown I was facing financial difficulties and I wanted that government amount very badly. I have set the intention and chanted 58 angel number continuously and to my surprise the very next day I got a message from bank that the amount has been sent to my account. Thnk u so much dear reeya abd thank you naran Sir

  • Concentric circle
    Thank you very much reeya the concentric circle to restrain my maid has worked

  • Hi mam
    I had an ear problem. I was not able to hear properly. I did eft with black tourmaline. And I am all right now. This problem was 7 months old. And it takes seven days to heal me.

  • My testimony from Odisha
    Hi Reeyaji,
    I am from Bhubaneswar. The government had declared that cyclone 'Bulbul' would hit Odisha, West Bengal and Bangladesh on 9th October.
    When I called up you on 8th October, you suggested me to make concentric circles for all population of Odisha and put black tourmaline on it.
    You also suggested me to chant 'OM HOWM VUM JOOM SAHA' mantra and the switch word ' TOGETHER CHANGE DIVINE ORDER NOW DONE '. I followed the remedy as suggested by you and surprisingly there is no loss of lives in this cyclone.

    Thank you so much. You are really boon to mankind.

  • I am a medical student and after joining college The environment, of the college, management everything was in the worse condition even it also affected my studies. I was in depression and there is no growth in my life nor in studies.

    Then I saw your video where you were telling the story of your son and chanted AMBIKA ANAADHI NITHANAA ASWAROODHAA APRAJITHAA.

    I also started chanting it from that and it helped me a lot. My concentration, focus and determination was much better . My exams were about to come, I chanted all the time even now also I am chanting.

    The results were better, I passed in my exams and Previously it was so stressful to cope up but after chanting I was able to do.

    Thank you so much mam it helped me a lot.

  • Reeyaji
    This the second time I have an experience that the switchword you give has the power to change nature.

    Cyclone Maha coming by tomorrow, here in Guj where I reside. from Last 2 days I have been chanting together CHANGE DIVINE ORDER rigorously, and today the news is that it is not hitting Guj at all.

    Real magical experience
    A big THANX to you and Naran Sir. God bless you

  • Happy Diwali and thanks to you and Narayan sir
    I finally got tenant after 2 months of chanting and keeping black tourmaline in my place

  • I am a big fan of your animal spirit guides video as it is the simplest and it works 100%
    Also, you told me some batch flower remedies for my son, Which also works on his disease.

    I really admire you and one day I will also help others with my skill of astrology
    Million thanks to u and NARAN

  • Hello Madam.
    I like to share one more experience with u.
    I started eft tapping for craving n belly fat before two months. After that, I was starting the exercise and dr Dixit diet plan.
    because Some of the problems I am unable to do exercise but still I m doing diet. I stopped taking one-time tea. I m feeling very fresh n more active.

  • Mam all chants and energy circles you taught to make, I'm doing it but there is no response from the embassy yet. Although I know it's little awkward to bug you again and again but at the same time I know reiki-your teachings-blessings of Naran sir can cure and bring happiness in my life too.
    I have seen many got benefit from chants when you think the same will happen in my life. Please guide and suggest.

    Chant SRINIVASA ARVINDLOCHNA 20 minutes daily

    after a few days

    Hello, mam With all the prayers and God's grace and help, my spouse and son's visa got approved recently, I am really thankful to the divine for such an auspicious help.
    Further, I want to thank you and Naran sir, with ur teachings and videos, this got possible.

    Now, I want to know that how should I thank the almighty for the grace. Looking for your revert. Thanks

  • Om Namonarayana

    Reeya madam I have written number 520 fifty five times.

    On the 5cycle of 3rd day my husband got money from the government because of lock down.

    I am writing this number for five days continously then stop writing on sixth day.

    Thank you Nara in Sir and Reeya madam. It was very surprising for me.

    Thank you Universe Divine Nature Gratitude abundance prosperity and good health.

  • Every other day i have a new testimony, really

    I started doing firgiveness exercise for people.Who were not money.

    U know what was the result

    One of them transfered the money acvount without asking

    Thanks a lot

  • I did one forgiveness chant for my senior.

    And u know in the moring she sent me a message.That she wants to buy oil from meShe ordered on bottle
    I have amazing experiences everyday

  • Hello maam
    I Consulted you last month. Wanted to thank you and Naran sir.

    I was too tensed from sarcastic behaviour of my boss. And you asked me to do forgiveness exercise 100 times per day per your video related to forgiveness.

    And since then I have seen a change in my manager behaviour. Now he doesn't pokes me unnecessarily and scolds me without any mistakes.

    I chanted two things:
    1. I release that part of me which is filled with anger and resentment and align with that part of me related to forgiveness.

    2. Boss, I m sorry please forgive me And release me love thanks divine light change.

  • Om Namonarayana
    Reeya madam
    I have written number 520 fifty five times. On the 5th cycle of 3rd day my husband got money from the government because of lock down.

    I am writing this number for five days continuously then stop writing on sixth day. Thank you Nara in Sir and Reeya madam. It was very surprising for me. Thank you Universe Divine Nature Gratitude abundance prosperity and good health.

  • Hi Reeya ji
    I watched your videos . I called you but couldn't contact you. I talked to customer care. Hope so if they resolve my problem I will call you tomorrow
    Now I want to share success stories with you.
    Firstly it's about 15 days back . There was heavy rain. Generally people become happy after rain but here is different scenario .At my sister's house there is some sewerage problem. So due to rain all rainy water comes to house and sometimes it is upto knees . I started chanting change divine order. After half an hour rain became slow . It happened twice.
    Second ,there is something that I hold in myself . I asked God that I am surrendering to you but problem becomes difficult when we say and really don't know how to surrender it and how to get things out of mind. I called wolf daily during my prayers time and asked him I don't know how to surrender in front of kanha ji . it is difficult for me. As I consider wolf as my friend and start chanting wolf magic begin now daily 108 times . Now I am feeling relaxed .I had let go the things
    Thank you so much.
    Thanks to Naran sir too
    Love and regards

  • I wanted to share the testimony of change divine order.on 22/4 my mother got unconscious and hospitalised.i wanted to go immediately but passes were not available during lockdown.i started chanting mahamrityunjay mantra for mother and change divine order for pass night my husband did passes r arranged and we went to meet my god grace now she is not hospitalized.thanku Naran sir and to you .you both r doing great service.actually I have no words to Thanksgiving.

  • Hi Reeya ji
    I watched your videos . I called you but couldn't contact you. I talked to customer care. Hope so if they resolve my problem I will call you tomorrow
    Now I want to share success stories with you.
    Firstly it's about 15 days back . There was heavy rain. Generally people become happy after rain but here is different scenario .At my sister's house there is some sewerage problem. So due to rain all rainy water comes to house and sometimes it is upto knees . I started chanting change divine order. After half an hour rain became slow . It happened twice.
    Second ,there is something that I hold in myself . I asked God that I am surrendering to you but problem becomes difficult when we say and really don't know how to surrender it and how to get things out of mind. I called wolf daily during my prayers time and asked him I don't know how to surrender in front of kanha ji . it is difficult for me. As I consider wolf as my friend and start chanting wolf magic begin now daily 108 times . Now I am feeling relaxed .I had let go the things
    Thank you so much.
    Thanks to Naran sir too
    Love and regards

  • Hi mam
    I am calling wolf each time for my help and it is helping me a lot
    I m so happy with results

  • Reeyaji,
    I want to share a testimony with you. We hv a house in Baroda which is taken care of by our caretaker as we are staiond in

    Today he frantically called to tell that the main door lock is not opening and is stuck. We had changed the lock just recently.
    Now because of the lockdown no carpenter was available.

    I immediately started chanting change divine order rigorously. And after an hour he called up saying that his sons friend is a carpenter and could locate and bring him and the was opened without breaking the door or the lock.

    Thanx amillion reeyaji and Naran sir as the mantras you give always give miracles while in distress. Thanx again
    God bless you

  • Hi Reeya Ma'am
    You are like a blessing in disguise for people like me. Tried the "Be ridiculous.." remedy and to my surprise, it worked instantly.
    After the lockdown, I was not getting work from my clients but immediately after chanting this switch word

    I started to get a lot of work and I am doing well at my workplace. Can't thank you enough for this. thankyou so much for all the efforts you put in for us! Wishing you all the happiness and success.

  • Hi Reeya ji
    , I have recently started following your channel. I am amazed with the results I am getting with the mantras or switchwords that you have recommended. I really love your videos and always wait for them.

    Blue sapphire has shown tremendous results with my daughter's toothache and also for my hairfall.

    I also tried the forgiveness exercise and I can see my relationship with my husband is changing and becoming more positive.

    I also tried the cord cleaning with my kids and I can see the amazing effects of that. My son is more close to me now than what he used to be before.

    You are a true gem of a person and I am grateful that I came across your videos. Billion thanks to you and Naran sir.

  • Hello Reeya Mam,

    I want to share my testimony with you. I am staying in Pune.

    But before lockdown I came to my in-laws house in our hometown & got lock down here itself.

    Suddenly after few days I got severe pain in my tooth. The pain was unbearable as I cannot eat or speak properly.

    My husband was asking me to go to nearby doc here. But I did not want to go to any doctor here in village as there is no dentist hospital only the government run hospital, wherein all covid-19 tests also takes place.

    So I was avoiding not to go to local doc & I told my husband that I'll show to dentist once we would go back to Pune. But at the same time my pain was increasing & my husband & my in-laws were behind me to go for checkup once as they couldn't see my pain.

    Then suddenly I remembered your testimony video of your mother.

    I told my husband to give me 2 days time, if pain continues then I'll go to doc wherever he says.

    I followed exactly what you explained in video also chanted ' BLUE SAPPHIRE' continuously in mind & miracle happend.

    Exactly after 2 days I dint had any tooth ache. I was normal with my routine as though I dint had pain earlier.

    My husband & in-laws were surprised how come suddenly my pain stopped as tooth pain never eases so easily.

    This was only possible because of you mam. Thank you thank you so much mam.

    You are really a God sent Angel in all our lives. I now down for your efforts. Thank you.

    Keep up the good work always.

  • Hello Mam,
    The switchword you gave
    is being so helpful to me to meet targets even in such critical situation of Covid19.

    I achieved more than I expected.
    Getting appreciated a lot

    Thank you so much to you and Naran Sir.
    . Please keep your blessings with me and my family.

    Million thanks for your guidance.
    Please take good care of yourself

  • Hi Reeyaji,

    I want to start with an apology that I am writing to you so late but I also strongly believe its never too late

    . Last year, it was my new job in sales in the media company, very little did I know how will I be able to achieve such a high target with the market scenario being really bad in the real estate sector for me.

    One day I came across your Youtube channel and to be honest the first time I saw I told myself just do your work and the rest will follow,

    I was convincing myself not to go for something where I have never been or never practiced, but then there was something about you felt genuine and real and that made me keep watching your videos, next and next and somehow I wanted to believe in what you were preaching really works

    I remember talking to you the first time from my work place, that day things look dark for me and I don't know why I thought talking to you would help me out with a solution.

    We spoke and I told you how the entire team were below target including me and nothing was working out, you gave me few switchwords for achieving my target before time and trust me I was the only sales executive to have achieved my AOP in the month of Dec' 19 itself and by the month of April' 20 I over achieved.

    The market scenario was same for all of us then what did I do differently, and I got the answer it was your switchwords that worked for me.

    There was not a single day I didn't chant or forgot to write the switchwords, Ofcourse I did all this with a lot of belief that this is working out for my highest good.

    There has been many a times I have tried telling about this to few friends and close ones but then nobody seems to really take me seriously. Eventually, I stopped talking about it and concentrated on myself.

    Reeyaji, I am really thankful and grateful to you for all your teachings. I admire your dedication towards your channel and I really feel you are the most under rated Youtuber.

    I really really wish you more than enough of abundance, prosperity, success, joy everything that I feel today.

    Please share my story with your followers and tell them your remedies work they really do only and only IF YOU HAVE FAITH AND BELIEVE" and a lil patience ( every delay has its blessings).

  • Dear Reeya ji.
    Thank you so much for your teaching and pranam to Naran Sir. Reeya ji Thank you so much for your all help. You are very humble and soft spoken.

    The remedies you prescribed to me that worked like wonders. He put the power symbol in office in the morning and same day My husband got his Job contract renewed for next six months time without any hassel.Though my husband was very much worried about it and was continuously saying to me that at this time people are not getting salary and they are losing their job.

    Second, I called Wolf for the first time just to check its presence. So I put a request to Wolf to show me its presence in my life.

    First I said I want only one client to approach me without my effort for business and I want to see the weather change in Dubai as it very hot here.

    I was astonished because by the time its 7pm cool wind started blowing and at the same time one of the friends out of the box called me for my product by placing the order. This is the power of spiritual remedies.

    I am regularly doing the other things which you have told me. Now my next target is to get a permanent Job for my husband.

    We are following all the remedies which you have told me without fail.

    I am sure will very soon give you good news for that. I feel nothing is impossible with your remedies. Much Love and regards to you Reeya ji.

  • Hello ma'am
    i was also going through tough situation in office.
    I Watched all ur videos. Yestrday change divine order vdeo came across so I thought of testing it

    .I chanted while going to sleep and wrote a page in the morning.

    I was surprised that next morning imediatly after writing slowly things started changing and also got some money i had given to someone Earlier

    Even I got some peace of mind at work

    Thanku so mch & thank you for helping us.
    Lots of love

  • Hello Ma'am,

    I am your YouTube follower and I really like your videos.You cover all points in videos and I listen you on khabri app as well. You are pure soul and work very hard ,you are amazing !!!

    I have irregular periods problem and from October 2019,I shifted on Ayurvedic medicine. Mid November I got my menses .
    I was taking my medicine thereafter,with some changes as and when ,but I didn't get my menses. Also with lockdown I was running out of medicines , I was just taking one tablet. So I started chanting 'periods on'but no luck.

    After hearing you on Khabri app on this topic.
    I started chanting 'Gorse sweet chestnut periods on now'and 'hari om' with dedication.
    I did energy circle of same and used to place water bottle on and was drinking that charged water only.
    Also I downloaded Hari Om Mobile wallpaper from your website.
    And miracle happened yesterday I got my periods .
    Thank you so much Reeyaji.lots gratitude and love to you and Naran sir.

    Thanks and regards

  • I have been using 520 Bring Praise Divine wallpaper.) can see and feel a difference in the attitude of family members towards me.Thank you once again

  • Hi mam..we glad to inform that my mom loose weight 5 kg in 1 month with the 'Create sweet tiny curve' switchword 28 time with 3 cycles — tq mam an naran sir :.;

  • Hii didi I have written owl crystal clear... switch word for weight loss 55 times with 5 cycles.i have reduced 2kg of my weight without any diet. Thanks a lot to u and naran sir

  • My husband is in IT software and due to Corona, he was under stress that this time surely his salary will not be appraised which used to increase every year.
    Even my husband's friends told him that they got a 0% hike of salary, on hearing this my husband has started feeling stress.

    An unbelievable miracle happened mam, my Husband's salary has credited with 10% hike wow mam

    I feel all this happened because of the concentric circle which a few days back I have made with angel number 520 and bach flower walnut for his salary increase.
    I have made it and kept in his wallet after watching your videos on youtube.

    practically if we see it is not possible due to corona recession period is going in the USA but still, your teachings have done a miracle.

  • Hello Mam,
    The switchword you gave- Be Ridiculous... is being so helpful to me to meet targets even in such critical situations.. I achieved more than I expected.. Getting appreciated a lot.. Thank you so much to you and Naran Sir.. Please keep your blessings with me and my family.. Million thanks for your guidance.. Please take good care of yourself..

  • Maam. .i would like to share my experience with chanting Be Tiny Forgive Clear.During this lockdown period there is unnecessary tension and disharmony and today i was having immense resentment towards my husband.Earlier whenever this kind of things would happen i would get into sad crying mode.But today i just thought to check your video on switchwords for depression.Immediately i thought of applying the switchwords.
    Be Tiny Forgive Clear and also i kept chanting in my heart that i release that part of me which is full of anger and resentment and i align myself with that part of me which is ready to forgive.
    After sometime..i was really surprised
    Normally my husband wont talk properly but today he was calm and responded to me with lot of kindness.
    secondly today while cooking food i kept chanting Gopalam govindham.Maam this mantra is so so so powerful.It somehow activated my inner power husband was full of praises for all dishes today .I had time constraint so had to cook

  • I had got very much swollen eyes I heard your audio on khabri app whole night for two hours two days n after that my eyes got cured with medicines n your audio thank you very much mam

    Lalitham labodaram audio helped me a lot

  • I am grateful to you. By ur guidance, I made a vision book and my 3 wishes came true. Thanks

  • Dear Reeya Ma'am,

    how are you doing? I wanted to thank you for your guidance for my professional life. I have been chanting the switchwords that you gave me for better performance,

    Thanking God, Universe as you say in your videos.. I am getting amazing results.. You are so selfless

    Really appreciate it.. God will always bless you with abundance for this selfless service to others.. Lots of Love and Respect

    So grateful to God for getting a guide like you and to my sister who sent me your videos in the past.

  • Hi dear. I need urgent help.
    My father in law is admitted to hospital.. urine infection, wbc count high,bp low and sugar high. Little critical
    What should I chant?
    U knew I m in Nigeria.

    What should I chant n write?

    And om howm vum joom Saha

    My father in law is ggood.He shifted in normal room. Thank u soooooo much

    Hi dear
    How Are You? Today my father in law's Sisthoscopi successfully accomplished and he is very well. Maybe tomorrow he will get discharged.

    Hi dear.. my father in law got discharged. Thank you so much

    Thanks a lots for your guidelines.. thank u soooooo much for all remedies.. God bless u. Love u

  • Thank you ma'am for this video . My periods date was around 10th of April but I didn't got .1 was very tensed but after watching this video I started chanting switchword given by you and today I got my periods .It's a big relief .Million thanks to you .Thank you Naran Sir .Thank you Angels

  • Got this green necklace from my vision book

    Within 2months after making book

    Thanks to u reeyaji and naran sir and dear god for fulfilling my wish i wass very desperate to get this kind of necklace for my self

    I got it in my own online business one day this necklace came for sale as i do online business of clothes and jewelry i could not believe that the same necklace which was pasted in my vision book came so easily to me with such a low price

  • Thanks a lot ma'am

    I consulted you through callme4app in the month of mid-Jan to Feb for new job Switch word or mantra.
    I chanted below mentioned:
    Ambika mantra, Srinivas mantra and bach flower remedy which helped me to get the job within one and half month.

    Then after getting a job, I started chanting ' vallabham gajanan ekdhantam' and slow care 398 which helped me to learn the training fast and that to the training given without noting down on paper.

    I wished I could have these mantras 6 years back when I was a college student so that I could have been t topper. During the student phase, I was a slow learner but now I m myself amazed that I can remember and grasp things so quickly.
    Thanks to you ma'am and Naran sir too.

  • Hello Reeya, how are you?

    My parents were going to come to Canada on April 6th & not they cannot but the airlines want us to choose a next date before 30th Dec 2020 & we cannot decide when they want to come until things are settled everywhere.

    Can you please suggest a switch word or Bach flower remedy so that we get full refund from the airlines instead of holding that money with the airline

    Thanks & stay safe


    Another success story today!

    Airline easily wrote back they are processing refund instead of credit note

    Thank you so much!! I just kept an intention & chanted the switchwords you told me. God bless you

  • Reeyaji , all the sw you give work wonders. My hip joint and leg hurts very much while sitting down and getting up position. I started chanting together wings move on with love and within a day's chanting I hv started finding the difference. I thank you and Naran Sir a million times. Thanz again.????

  • Hello Reeya,

    I wanted to share an amazing divine experience for praying Ambika Mantra. I had to give an exam in Canada and had lost by one mark in my first attempt. I had to pay $400 again to reappear for the exam. I used to chant Ambika Mantra whenever I felt like and today before the exam I told my husband to keep chanting the mantra until I finished it. Vollla I passed with 94%! Thank you so much & god bless you

  • I cleared ielts score 7 in first attempt
    Ambika mantra is really gives powerful result

  • Hi riya ji...thanks to naran sir and u
    kyuki aap log k vajah se miracle ho rhe
    aaj do testmony share kr rai aapke sath mene resently room shift kia to saman yha wha ho gya
    mera rasan card mil nai rha tha kafi dundha nai mila lga ki wo gum gya
    bt mene socha ek kosis or krti
    mene wolf ko call kia and do min me mil gya card or wo b wha jaha scrap item tha

    and 2nd is me paise rkh k bhul gai nai mil rha tha again i call wolf or fir jha jis bag me mai kafi dino se dundh rai thee pura dekh lia usi me aaj samne mil gya

  • Hello Ma'am,

    I am really thankful to Reeya ma’am,???? for her suggestions that helped me recover my hard earned deposit from a builder. I had been following up with his team for more than 3 months with no success. They even asked me to pay a penalty. I was literally confused and upset with the way things were shaping up. After talking to ma’am, I felt really convinced and assured that her suggestions would yield the desired results. And it did! Thank you ma’am :-)

    Request: Please don’t mention my name in any of your upcoming videos. I would request you to keep it confidential. Thanks.????????

    Best Regards

  • client: Hello Mam, a quick one, please. I want to get extra income every month please advise me if I can
    I had been following too many videos and getting confused. Am a single mother and facing too many issues in life. Am watching your videos and trust miracles will happen soon. In job as my income is not satisfactory and am living at my moms place facing many hurdles in life
    I really want a change in life with a lot of abundances. Am also chanting Laitham Sridharam mantra every day
    you are an angel for me I swear.
    reeya: yes you can
    client: Dear Mam, Thanks a lot - I have got a salary hike today. Chanting has helped me so much. am really grateful.

  • Hi Reeya, Divine thanks to you. You have given remedies so that my younger brother comes home as he went out in anger and was not retuning back to home. With the help of your remedy, he came back by his own. Thank you so much Reeya, you are really an angel for us. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

  • client :Hello mam..I live in J&K & here internet is banned since 7 mnths so plz guide me what should I chant for the restoration of internet connection.
    client: By chanting change divine order statement, the internet has been restored in j&k after 7 months...thanks a lot.

  • Ma'am thank you a lot.Maine apko callme4 app se consultations liya tha about my break up. At first the remedy seemed like it won't work because I made a huge mistake but it's been one week I'm calling pink energy and did forgiveness excercise and chanted together divine. He called me himself and we talked a lot. I am sure one day he'll come back. Thanks a lot maam. You deserve lot of happiness. May God always bless you with the best of everything.

  • client -Hello, please give remedy for throat infection and lumps.
    reeya-take bach flower remedies walnut, crab apple, rescue remedy and chant mantra om howm vum joom saha
    client: Thanks reeyaji for your miracles remedy
    Chanting mantra very effective I got relief
    Thanks once again

  • Million Million Thanks to Reeya ji
    Naran Sir and Divine
    My son passed and promoted to class 12th this was only possible under the guidance of you Reeyaji Million Million Thanks

  • Reeyaji miracle happened after taking consultation over CALLME4 app I have started chant together divine reach documents .As my property paper were Missing I have found papers just after 2 hours of chanting
    Million thanks to you

  • Hello Reeya...
    Good Morning to you...
    want to share little testimony.

    Some months ago I asked you for some remedy or sw for getting me a salary hike...(Its In June 2019)
    At that time you told me do 2 things...
    1) Find why my salary is increased suddenely.
    (write following daily 1 page) and
    2nd) something to be given me to daily chant ...(I really doesn't
    reminds it..Sorry ma'am)

    Important thing is that on that time After successful of 1 month of doing I get a salary hike for 2 thousand rupees...

    Now last month I dont know how, But I have suddenely started chanting above 1st remedy instead of write down on paper. I just started reading all the 30 days pages (Find why my salary is increased suddenly) in single day.

    and its hardly 3 days of chanting and I got again 2000 rupees increment in salary.
    Thank you so much Reeya ma'am.

    I really dont know how I got this thought to start and chant.
    Its all just because of you Reeya ma'am.
    Thank you Thank you Thank you so much.

  • Dear Reeya Ji pls guide me something so I can pass my driving test. i already failed once. meri beti choti hai so I need to drive.pls help me to pass my test.mera test 20 Feb 2020 ko hai Melbourne mein.i need to pass it.thx in advance.

    chant Mimulus larch rescue remedy gentian gorse

    Reeya Ji Maine driving test pass kar Liya hai.million thx to u n Naran sir Ji.main apki Har video dekhti hun.pls jo bache bahut kam khate hain ya jinhe bhuk hi nahi lagti uspe bhi ek video jarur bnai.mothers bahut thankful hongi apki.thx.

  • Maam. Again....miracle of find divine order. Monday i was struck in heavy traffic jam.i had to take my daughter for a doctor check-up and we were running seriously late. When we spoke with the doctor we figured out we might miss an appointment. But immediately i started chanting Find Divine order. After chanting traffic started moving ...we could reach Clinic in less than expected time. Then after reaching the clinic, we figured out even the doctor has not reached.So basically find divine order saved us from reaching late and also getting embarrassed. Thank you so much.I have been taking your prescribed bach flower remedies in water daily. Thank you so much. It gives me a lot of energy.

  • .I had lost my tickets of movie somewhere then we were very upset as we wanted to go for the movie .but then I started chanting wolf magic begin now divine magic begin now .and we had called the theatre they allowed us to sit in the movie then after the interval, one person of the theatre came and gave the same ticket of our seat no only .he said someone found the ticket n gave to the theatre authority .really wolf magic happens .ty for always guiding me

  • Hello Mam, Thank you so much to you and Naran Sir... You both are angels for my family... I want to share my testimony today about my husband 's work permit and family Visa issue... We are already living in USA Chicago on H1b Visa... Our visa was in the renewal process from September 2019... But my husband's work permit result was pending from last April 2019 and no confirmation about work permit from USCIS office... When you have uploaded videos for Visa about switch words on 14th Dec 2019... then I have started chanting with black tourmaline mala for a work permit n visa... A miracle happened on 10th Jan 2020 we have been received last year pending work permit result with a letter at my door n then I continued chanting and on 23rd Jan we have received Visa result approved for my husband and family... Thank you so much for your support... Love u n God bless you :)

  • Thank you very much reeya the concentric circle to restrain my maid has worked

  • Thank you for watchwords BLUE SAPPHIRE..  its work for me every time. Having migraine since last 2months. And I came to know about this switchwords from reeya mam. whenever I had migraine i started chanting blue sapphire and forgot it. After a few minutes my migraine get a stop. Thanks to u mam and Naran sir Even I stop taking Medicine for Migraine

  • I lost my medical bill in the hospital without that I can't claim medical insurance... I keep on chanting CHANGE DIVINE ORDER without a second thought...yes miracle happened after two days i found bill with hospital happened in hosmat hospital...Reeya madam tears of gratitude for you...i am speechless.

  • There are a lot of switchword what's app group...but what I have followed given by you had done are guru... million thanks for you...If anyone faces some problems in life I tell them to watch your be honest with you ... earlier they were making fun of me when I was chanting SW...but now they are following you.

  • Thank you for the help you did. I got cleared in the interview I got the same salary for which I asked. First, the company said no but after 2 days I got the call and appointment letter. Thank you to all your help. My sister wrote to you  thank you so much

  • I would like to share my testimony. Thanks to Reeya Spiritual Remedies.   I used to see a shadow in my house and have an insecure house is duplex, so I used to get a scary feeling ..but after keeping a raw tourmaline my negativity is almost less or gone..thanks to  Reeyaji and Poorvi crystals.

  • Apko pata hai jabse Maine forgiveness exercise ki hai, mere days ache jaa rahe hai like without any frustration mujhe nahi Yaad Maine kab aise life jee ho bahut sukkoon Milna shuru ho gya haiii....Thankyouuuu thankyou so much .millions thanks to sir

  • Hello Riya mam, We wanted to buy home and we searched for that. We were visiting some apartments but not able to fix deals due to location, price or any other reason. I chanted CERATO MIMULUS FIND DIVINE HOME & LALITHAM SADASHIVAM LALITHAM CHANDRASHEKHARAM as instructed in ur video. After some days we got our home, got a loan also. Now I have possession of the flat. Thank you Reeya mam, thank you Naran sir. God bless you

  • Today there was a power cut from 9 AM and the power was about to come by 3 pm in the evening. I chanted CHANGE DIVINE ORDER for 100 times and the power was restored back within an hour.

    Loads of gratitude.

  • Hi I saw your video of how to get money back from someone and after seeing the video I drew a concentric circle...u will not believe by evening that person called and transferred the money...this is nothing less than a miracle.Thank you for helping millions of people like me. Really appreciate this. God bless you

  • Om kleem krishnaya Namaha I chanted for a few days now I have got the job.I am from Sri Lanka Tnk u so much. And I also chanted find count divine

  • mam, I have crab apple for hair loss and it worked very well

  • Hello Reeyaji,
    Million thanks to you, Naran sir n divine.Yesterday my Son took his dadu's phone to School by mistake.After two periods he Came to Know that it was Stolen from his bag.He told his teacher....She Checked bags of all Students n Some footage of CC tv (not all)....but of no avail....She ask all the Children Strictly n gave a threat to take them to Principal mam....but nothing Son told me Whole episode at he Went to School n i make Concentric Circle With his name and Write CERATO,CHESTNUT BUD, ROCKWATER, REACH Mobile Phone then i put Black tourmaline Stone above it . I Saw many times during the day and gave thanks to divine i Chant it for few times also. I Write it on another Paper also n put it in my Kitchen Son Came back With good news that Some Student found it in Washroom n handed over to Mam....really mam once again thanks a lot....Concentric method n Black tourmaline Stone magic Worked....

  • Hi, mam good evening... Mam I am in 36 Weeks 2 days of my Pregnancy today I had My GS Scan and the doctor told my baby is healthy and normal in a good Condition I am happy about it...but the baby is in breech position and u II have a C Section delivery She told me because of this Position...But I want to deliver My baby through normal delivery and the doctor told me there are 2 weeks remaining time for my delivery...Please help me and Suggest me mam wat can I do to Change this Situation and I Really Want to deliver my baby through normal delivery

    mam I have chanted the mantra given by you , delivered a baby boy through normal delivery

  • Aatma Namste Reeya !!Thanks a ton to Naran Sir and to you also. I had Severe back Pain. No remedies Worked. But today morning I played ur "VallabhamMantra "Chanting and drank that Water. The Pain is gone now I am able to Concentrate on my family and Work.Million Thanks
    Stay blessed

  • Hey Reeya mam,one hour ago I had Severe headache.I don't know any Switchwords for Curing headache,even I couldn't be able to Search your YouTube Channel for migraine Switchwords bcoz of too much headache.Then I Started Chanting "Change divine order" Continuously. Believe me,just after 15mins of Chanting my headache got Cured completely. It's totally vanish now. Now I am Completely fine. Thank you so much...yes,Words have Power!!

  • Commented:"Success Story- Mera Son ne 6 Class me do exam Dene the I made Circle With Anamika mantra & With 398 & She got 85 & 82 marks in both Subjects I can't believe She was So Week .Thanku Mam Iv u thank..."

  • Immense gratitude thankyou to you,Naran Sir and divine Success story:Today If I have Stood up and got my Strength back it's all because of you People are there to just Pull you down and you have given me a new life I Started Using your remedies for my Son but in that only I noticed so many areas of my life was Changing my Son's exams which Was next to impossible to Clear, getting a good rented house in my budget and that too in a Posh area next to impossible, n rest I have so many miracles that happen as I Keep doing your remedies because only I Know Where I was and Where I have Come Up today believe Divine has Sent you for me love you

  • BAJ MAJ Commented:"Thanku you So much Reeya for Mantra given by you,"Kunji tha Padam Sarnam. it helped So much to Save the life of my friend's Mom".

  • Mam Happy teachers day you are the best teacher of my life aapki Vjha Se boot help hui hai Sabki.I Wish aapki Umar boot Iambi ho mam teacher Ka Kaam hota hai Rasta dikhana but aap to apne Student Ke liye Naya he Rasta bna deti ho Jo Use bs Kishiyaa deta hai.Thank you So much mam and thanks to Naran Sir.

  • Hello didi,
    I want to Say thank you and Naran sir from my heart, Apne jo kaha tha meine daily Waisa he Kiya jyada nahi hardly 3-4 min due to busy Schedule also I call Wolf for this and I got a good hike.Abhi hr department Se Koi email aaya nahi hai bs verbally baat hui hai Shayad jan se mujhe incremented Salary mil jaye.
    All because of you didi thank you.

  • Reeyaji, you are a God Send for all your followers. I am one of them. l want to Share an experience. I am in Jamnagar. Last 4 days it is raining heavily nonstop. On account of Navratri I hv Kept a Small function. I was Worried and Started Chanting together Change divine order.Continuously. To my Surprise the rain has Stopped and there is a bright Sunny morning today. Thank you Naransir and you beta.

  • Hi dear Reeya ur Switchwords again helped me. Maine mere bete me sar Par Kunjita Padam sarnam chant karte karte black tourmaline Stone uske Sar par rub karte gayi. N Sab reports and test normal ayi. Thank u so much dear. Loads of luv to u dear

  • Hi Reeya...My Son had Court Case...I had listened to your Chant Arivna Srinivas...One...the result is so my heartfelt thanks to you...Godbless your Children as you are doing So good for Community.

  • Hi Mam Thanks for your Support you are a true Angel, as per Conversation i Chanted Switch Words and Kept black tourmaline Stone , The Blockage on My husband Salary got Solved he his all dues ... Thanks once again Keep this great Work going.

  • Thank you So much Reeya ji Apke Ambika Anadhinidhana Ashvrodha Aprajita Mantra aur Bach Flower Remedies Se Meri Choti Beti Class Me Acha Perform kar Rahi h Study Me meri Beti Ko Scl Balo Ne KG 2 Me lene Se Mana Kar diya Tha Kyuki usko KG 1 Me a,b,c,d tak Nhi Aayi Thi jabki wah Play group Se Scl ja Rhi Thi Aapke diye Manta Se usne Sirf April May me KG 2 Syllabus Complete Kar liya Thank you So much Wo Khud Ambika Mantra Chant Karti h With hakni Mudra jo aapne Batae h

  • My Wife had Continuous Pain in her hands,She took Pain Killers ,Many Medicine but it dint Work i Chanted Srinivasa Arvindlochana Mantra Many times For her ,Now She has no more Pain....Thanks for the Mantra Maam