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How to cure pigmentation,antiageing,dryness || 2weeks get clear glowing skin


Get rid off pigmentation, anti-ageing, dry skin, facial hair NATURALLY in 30 days content cover in the video 2weeks get clear glowing skin how to get rid of pigmentation with a home remedy in 30 days How to cure pigmentation,antiageing,dryness how to get rid off unwanted facial hairs the supernatural technique to remove sun tanning powerful mantra and mudras to get glowing skin in 30 days pigmentation tips 2020 mantra to get glowing skin mudra to cure pigmentation and clear skin



1 Anti-ageing and repair skin
To understand anti-ageing is to delay, stop or delay the ageing process. Our body is made up of cells and ageing occurs in the event of cell death. As an infant, child and young adult, the cells in our body are strong, resilient and can create new cells. Over the years, our body's ability to generate new cells decreases, cell death occurs, and the ageing process follows.
so to overcome the problem of anti-ageing two bach flower remedies can be the very helpful naming star of Bethlehem and gentian.

Star of Bethlehem-helps in  Repairing the cells of the skin and renew the skin.
Gentian – helps to happily deal with the antiageing process without being worry about it constantly. 

2 To reduce dryness in hair, body, and  face -dry skin
Dry skin happens when the skin does not maintain adequate moisture. This can happen as a result of frequent baths, the use of hard soaps, ageing, or certain medical conditions. And for those in colder climates, it can come from the cold, dry winter air.

Do Apana mudra –thumb touching middle and ring finger of both hands  for 15 minutes
Then do prana mudra - the thumb of both hands touching ring finger and little finger -15 minutes 

When skin is not glowing it means vitamin A is less in the body for that we need to tone up the liver, which will produce extra vitamin A.

Chant OM HROOM NAMAHA -100 times over a glass of water which will tone up the liver.

In addition to that circulation inside the body need to tone up 

Do prana mudra -Thumb of both hands touching ring finger and little finger.

 skin gets dry because water element is less in the body, So by doing prana mudra, we are activating both water and earth element as skin is made up of 7 layers and each layer has to be strengthened by the earth element.


 skin pigmentation is one of the most surprisingly changing phenotypes in humans, it makes skin pigmentation disorders a frequent manifestation of many different forms. The most common of them are lentigo, hyperpigmentation after inflammation, bears, and melasma. The variability of skin tone throughout the world is well documented, and some skin tones are reported to be more susceptible to pigmentation disorders than others, especially in Asia and India. Also, exposure to ultraviolet light is known to induce or exacerbate pigmentation disorders.
In this post, I am going to recommend two bach flower remedies to deal with this skin problem

start Taking bach flower -WALNUT and CRAB APPLE 
 WALNUT is to handle the problem occurs due to exposure in sunlight 
Crab apple is a physical cleanser which cleanses the skin from other types of factors 

put 3-4 drops of both bach flowers in 1 ltr water bottle and drink that water frequently 

How to apply on face 
use the same water to spray on face frequently, do not wipe the water let it naturally dry.

Facial hair 
if you are facing extra hair  on your face then you have to use below-mentioned bach flower remedies

Walnut – For hormonal imbalance
Crab apple- physical cleanser

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