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I am not a professional healer, therapist, counsellor, practitioner.

I don't claim to treat any physical disease nor claim it to be a replacement for any medical treatment. Any alternate healing, namely Bach flowers, Switch words, Mantras, Mudras, EFT, affirmations, enhance one’s mental will-power to cope with life problems and situations. These remedies, mudras, switch words or any other remedies that have been recommended, are not a substitute for proper medical care or medicines. They are not meant to diagnose, cure, mitigate, treat or prevent any diseases/symptoms/health problems. I don't make any claim for partial or complete cure or relief of any symptoms/diseases/discomfort/direct or indirect health problems. Doctor’s advice and medication are to be strictly followed.

writings and videos represent in the BLOG POSTINGS, youtube channel and Instagram account- reeyasspiritualremedies, is a combination of her own personal opinions and her own experiences, as a user of Naran sir teachings but they do not reflect PROFESSIONAL ADVICE. Interaction with reeya via social media or mail or in any other form does not constitute a professional therapeutic relationship. For professional and customized advice, you should seek the services of a counsellor. reeya's spiritual remedies channel and blog do not assume liability for any portion or content of material on the blog and youtube channel and accepts no liability for damage or injury resulting from your decision to interact with reeya in any manner, or from your decision to buy and use her flower combination pills, switch words, mantras, and other healing teachings.

Please take full responsibility for your wellbeing

All teaching  credit goes to -My guruji Naran S  Bala Kumar

Million thanks to my guruji