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Unexpected Salary Increase stories that can inspire you


Unexpected Salary Increase stories that can inspire you


       An unexpected increase in salary

Hello Mam

Please I want to earn extra income every month. please advise me what can I do to increase my earning.

I am following your multiple videos and getting confused. I Am a single mother and facing too many issues in life. Regularly watching your videos and having trust that miracles will happen soon.

 In a job as my income is not satisfactory and living at my mom’s place facing many hurdles in life/

I want to change my life with a lot of abundances. presently I am also chanting Laliham Sridharam mantra every day

By reeya:



   I swear.,reeya you are an angel for me.

client: Dear Mam, Thanks a lot - I have got a salary hike today. Chanting has helped me so much. I am grateful.

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 2 Times salary hike frequently 


Hello Reeya...

Good Morning to you...

 I want to share my little testimony with you


Some months ago I asked you for some remedy or Switch word for getting me a salary hike( June 2019)


At that time you told me to do 2 things...

1) Find why my salary is increased suddenly- write one page daily 

2) some chanting you have given me but I don't remember now.


Important thing is that After completing one-month writing, I have got a salary hike for 2 thousand rupees.


Now last month I don't know how, But I have suddenly started chanting above affirmation instead of writing down in a notebook

 I just started reading all the 30 days pages (Find why my salary is increased suddenly) in a single day.


And hardly 3 days of chanting and I got again 2000 rupees incrementation in salary.

Thank you so much Reeya ma'am.


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Got 10% salary  appraisal  during the corona recession period 


My husband is in IT software and due to Corona, he was under stress that this time surely his salary will not be appraised which used to increase every year.
 Even my husband's friends told him that they got a 0% hike of salary, on hearing this my husband has started feeling stress.

 An unbelievable miracle happened mam, my  Husband's  salary has credited with 10% hike wow mam

I feel all this happened because of the concentric circle which a few days back I have made with angel number 520 and bach flower walnut for his salary increase.
 I have made it and kept in his wallet after watching your videos on youtube.

practically if we see it is not possible due to corona recession period is going in the USA but still, your teachings have done a miracle.


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  • Santosh

    May 26, 2021
    Hello In a job as my income is not satisfactory, being well experienced I am getting very less salary for that. Could you please advise Switch word for getting me a salary hike at the earliest.
  • Gaurav

    Feb 13, 2021
    Hello ma'am , I have recently join a company as intern I want remedies so that I get permanent job there and good salary Thanks in advance
  • Kirti

    Jan 10, 2021
    Kindly share with salary increment switch word and code for 100 percent result. With much thanks. Kirti
  • Barnali Bhattacharjee

    Jun 03, 2020
    Hello reeya , I'm a great fan of yours follow all your motivational story that inspired me a lot . Please suggest me switchwords for casual job for my husband and how I'll chant it on behalf of my husband . Waiting for your reply egarly .
  • Pooja Saini

    May 14, 2020
    Ma'am mere pati is mansik santulan thik nhi hai sab pe suck karte hai kar bahut gusse ke sath ya to marne lagte hai ya marne bhagte hai, medicine ka koi usar nhi hota pichhle 12 saal se le rhe the pls give me your blessings.
    • reeya

      May 31, 2020
      please download callme4 app and call me
  • Harsha

    May 02, 2020
    • reeya

      May 02, 2020
      thxs keep share with others

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