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How to work with black tourmaline 10 simple ways


How to work with black tourmaline 10 simple ways

Black tourmaline is a powerful crystal which transforms the negative energy into positive energy and helps to defend you against any evil eye, black magic and more...


First time I came to know about this magical stone after reading my mentor blog.


I am a huge fan of using this crystal from last 7 years and extremely happy to discover this stone as a universal helper just like a popular proverb

“A friend in need is a friend indeed.”

I use it for several reasons-for digital detoxes, an immunity booster, better sleep, meditation, chanting, tapping, or simply just to have by my side for a little extra support.


The list doesn't end here I sleep with it under my pillow, put in drinking water overnight, carry them in my handbags and much more.

I also use it also as a gratitude stone, I feel protected, full of joy, relaxed and clarity in my thoughts 


Black tourmaline is a part of my everyday collection of crystal


Black tourmaline is one of those wonderful crystals that work for any situation and is so good to have on hand.


It can strongly say that it is a  wish fulfilment crystal after using from last 7 years.


In the last 7 years, I have purchased 3 times black tourmaline and have always received positive unexpected news before stone has touched the threshold of my home. Now all of you can assume how much it is powerful.



I always recommend to buy Raw or you can say unpolished  black tourmaline instead of polished one if you want to use it for healing and manifestation.


How to work with black tourmaline in 10 ways


1 During meditation- Get into a tranquil position and concentrate on your breathing, while holding onto your back tourmaline in your hand, imagine all tension flowing from your body into the crystal, being transformed into positive energy.


2 In your home- Place some pieces of raw black tourmaline stone near your bed or in the corner of a room, for augmented protection for you, family members and your space.


3 Pocket carry -carry it with you in your pocket or handbag for added protection while in populace or at work.




4 Wear jewels-Wear jewels that have black tourmaline in it, such as a wristband or necklace.


5 EMF protection-Place tourmaline in your office or house for protection against EMF (or electromagnetic fields) that encompass electronic devices such as your television, mobile, computers, microwave ovens, WiFi, etc.


 Putting black tourmaline on your desk or in the corner of a room can help to minimize the consequences that EMFs can have on your mental and bodily health. 


6 To fulfil wish- Draw a circle write your wish inside that circle then put black tourmaline stone on that paper, daily read that paper once again keep stone on that paper.


Also, you can draw a concentric circle and write any mantra, Bach flower remedies, switch words, angel numbers and put black tourmaline stone on that paper, read  the paper daily once.


7 Tapping-Use one stone for tapping purpose and rotate clockwise if there is any pain or discomfort in your body


8 Locker-put few small pieces in your locker box or where you keep extra money


9 Vision book- if you have made vision book put one big stone it will remove all the negative vibrations working against your wish and helps to attract positive energy to reach your desire goals.


10 Horoscope-Put a few stones on your horoscope to remove all the Doshas and bad effects of stars.




Black tourmaline is unquestionably on my list of ‘must-have’ crystals and it’s a wonderful time to reach the word about all the wonderful healing properties of my close to heart stone. I am regularly hinted that now is the time to converge on letting go, to meditate frequently, and to have hope. Because everything is going to work out, everything will regulate exactly as it is meant to be.


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  • reeya

    Apr 28, 2020
    chant Ambika mantra and lalitham achudam lalitham anandam lalitham govindam mantra also do cord cleaning daily 21 times you can watch my video on youtube
  • Neetu Negi

    Mar 31, 2020
    Hi di mera beta ka naam prabhav singh negi hai abhi 11 years mey laga hai 19/12/2008 mey uska birth hua hai do jase jase bada ho raha hai kafi jidi ho raha hai study mey uska dil nahi lagta hum se jawan bhi chal raha hai jab gussa aata hai usko di uski age key accounding abhi wo itna samjader nahi ho raha us key umar key kafi bachey active hai wo shie bhi hai aur study mey bhi interest nahi pls meri help kijiya aap I trust you thank you

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