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How to become topper in board?? success story- hidden secrets


How to become topper in board?? success story- hidden secrets

Scored 92% in 12th ICSE board exam 2020

Dear Reeya jee,



A warm hug to you and regards to Naran sir.


My Niece has got 92% in her 12th ICSE boards exam 2020. We are happy to share with you that I did follow Back flower remedies and Ambika mantra to get the success. She was topper and 94.4%  holder in her 10th too.

However, this time she was very much worried as you know there is much competition now a day. No doubts In spite of her hard work, your remedies have done wonders for her. She wanted to get 90+ in maths and 100/100 in computers.

she got (92/100  in Maths)  & (99/1000 in computer science. She is 3rd in her whole school and her name is there in Local newspaper. I am sending you the pictures cutting of news paper.

I started following your one of the videos where you discussed about Bach flower remedies for different issues for studies. I did everything possible what I could do for her.




Remedies we followed for her:

1- I made a concentric circle for her (for all subject) especially for maths and wrote mustard, water violet, Mimulus, sweet chestnut bud and chestnut bud in the outer circle.


2- I kept on chanting Find why Ananya is a topper in her board exams.

3- Find why Ananya’s name is there in the newspaper?

4- We wrote Ambika mantra in a piece of paper and put the paper below her pillow.

5- She wrote 398 and 520 in her right hand all the time as she is a left-handed girl.



6- I asked my sister to chant Ambika mantra in a glass bottle everyday atleast100 times and give that water only to her. She followed the same even the same water she put in her food. Like a few drops in milk or soup or tea and sometimes she cooked the whole household food with that water only.


7- I made a different concentric circle for her each exam as par date & time schedule and put 520/398/wolf magic began now.


Thank you Reeya hee, my whole family is happy and enjoying the moment. The miracle is for those who expect it. I know and experiencing these miracles in daily life now.

Thank you for all your teachings and want to tell you one thing-if anybody is not getting results its simply means that they are not trusting or following. Divine blessings are really available to all of us. Its only Faith which will break the wall.


Thank you to Naran sir and thank you to you once again. Keep sharing your Gyan with us.


Scored 98% in  10th board in 2020


Dear Reeya ji, 

A million thanks to you and to Naran sir. 

My daughter got 98℅ marks in her 10th boards. I only came to know about Naran sir and you after her exams were over.


I was really tensed for her results because of the given pandemic situation. I consulted you and you advised me to chant



And 'I release the desire for my daughter securing __ marks in her grade 12 boards. But as you say always, you believe in writing so, do I.

I started writing 21 times daily, thanking Divine, universe, board council. I somehow got the intuition to write miracle angel number '520' 520 times and obstacle-free number '58' 58 times.


And the result is wonderfully miraculous. And how I forgot my dear animal spirit guide"Wolf", whom I call whenever I was tensed. 


2) From Naran Sir's blogs, I got a life mantra: "I activate that part of my brain which believes in surrender".




And it helped me to release my desire and I was in the mind frame that I will accept the result as " Bhagwan ka prasad". And "Bhagwaan" has given me best of it. Love you DIVINE. 

A lot of hugs to you dear Reeya Ji and best regards to Naran sir.


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  • Shalini

    Jul 16, 2020
    Thanks for the insight information, please let me how to make co n centric circle for particular subjects

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