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Hanuman Chalisa challenge 108 times


Hanuman Chalisa challenge 108 times

As per Hindu mythology, Hanuman is considered as monkey commander of the Monkey Army. His achievements are reported in Ramayana’s great Sanskrit Hindu poetry.

Hanuman is passionate about the lord ram, and he is one of the leading figures in Indian epics. According to some Shyvite believers, Lord Hanuman is also the incarnation of Lord Shiva. A popular story supporting the power of Hanuman’s attributes-his strength, courage, wisdom, singleness, dedication to Lord Rama, and has so many names he is known for-are detailed in Hanuman Charisa The chanting of Hanuman Chalisa is a common religious practice. Hanuman Chalisa is the very popular hymn adoring Lord Hanuman and is sung by millions of Hindus every day





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