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Dream it, Pin it, live it -  An ultimate guide to vision board


Dream it, Pin it, live it - An ultimate guide to vision board

Abdul kalam “You have to dream before your dreams can come true”.

The most popular law of attraction techniques has given ample emphasis on visualization technique for easy manifestation and the world has become aware first time about the significance of vision boards with the launch of The secret movie where the power of vision board unmasked by worldwide successful coaches through their personal stories.


And it has gained more popularity when the worlds leading celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Jim Carey, Steve Harvey, Ellen DeGeneres, Beyonce have transformed their lives with a vision board.


“A dream is the fuel of your life.”

What you need a  vision board

Vision board gives clarity to your dreams and desires as you see them regularly. It helps you to be focused on your targeted goals by bringing awareness inside you. 

Vision makes you alive and shortens your journey from where you are to where you want to be.

It helps you to fulfil any type of goals whether materialistic or non-materialistic so, if you are looking for any shift from the following areas of life, then you must try it.

  • Financial problems
  • Looking for high pay job
  • Relationship disharmony
  • Health issues
  • Dream to travel 
  • Pregnancy issues
  • Become famous in your field
  • Be a topper in your exam
  • Spiritual awareness
  • Attract materialistic things 
  • Win court case
  • Attract specific person
  • Fitness goals
  • Start successful start-up
  • Increase your social media fans
  • Build enormous wealth
  • Live long life
  • Learn new skills
  • Paying off debts
  • Purchase house
  • Win jackpots, lotteries, contests
  • Publishing books
  • Hosting events across the world
  • Meeting any celebrity

And you can add your own list…

How to make a vision board

Making a vision board is a fun activity taken from creative hobbies like scrapbooking with motivational mind mapping and brain teaser techniques used by marketers. It is so easy to make even an 8 yr old kid can also make it.

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You don’t need any expertise to make it, you have to follow your intuitions and dreams without thinking about your present situation, just think like a child who has no limiting beliefs. 

In simple words, a vision board is a collage of pictures, quotes, stories, poems, depicting your dreams.

Divide your vision board goals into different sections to create balance in your life.

Why vision board works

Eyes are one the greatest gift to each human being to live their dream life. Do you know why?

Eyes have the power to reach your subconscious mind and reprogram the blueprints.

you have stored earlier through your eyes As you start watching those collage of pics constantly your brain motivates you to start taking action in that direction with full faith, no matter how many problems come in your path.


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How to use a vision board

Using a vision board is not rocket science, you will be amazed to know that it is as easy as scrolling your social media handles.

Once your picture of collage gets ready, just find any perfect place either at your home, office or business place, hang it where you can see it without putting  any extra effort.

Now you are ready to manifest your dreams, isn’t it so easy.


Vision board is one the easiest tool which you can use it without spending a penny so what you are waiting for it just now stop reading and make the list of your dreams,find perfect pics, paste it and see it daily.


Alert:  If you are not making a vision board you are doing the biggest mistakes of your life




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