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Boost your sales: True Motivating Stories


Boost your sales: True Motivating Stories

Motivation is one of the fundamental elements of sales achievement. At the point when you're not persuaded, you'll battle to complete even the most essential errands, such as conveying a clump of prospecting messages or preparing for your up and coming calls. Things that require more consideration and vitality, such as demoing or arranging? Most likely won't go well overall. 

If you need an instant dose of motivation, read the true stories of these inspiring sales Related Profession people.

Working in Sales  Can be an easy game for you after reading these stories.



OverAchieved sales target before Time

Hi Reeyaji,
I want to start with an apology that I am writing to you so late but I also strongly believe its never too late

Last year, it was my new 
job in sales in the media company, very little did I know how will I be able to achieve such a high target with the market scenario being really bad in the real estate sector for me.

One day I came across your Youtube channel and to be honest the first time I saw I told myself just do your work and the rest will follow,

I was convincing myself not to go for something where I have never been or never practised, but then there was something about you felt genuine and real and that made me keep watching your videos, next and next and somehow I wanted to believe in what you were preaching really works


I remember talking to you the first time from my workplace, that day things look dark for me and I don't know why I thought to talk to you would help me out with a solution.

We spoke and I told you how the entire team were below target including me and nothing was working out, you gave me few switchwords for achieving my target before time and trust me I was the only sales executive to have achieved my AOP in the month of Dec' 19 itself and by the month of April' 20 I have overachieved.

The market scenario was the same for all of us then what did I do differently, and I got the answer it was your switchwords that worked for me.



There was not a single day I didn't chant or forgot to write the switchwords, Of course, I did all this with a lot of belief that this is working out for my highest good.

There have been many times I have tried telling about this to a few friends and close ones but then nobody seems to really take me seriously. Eventually, I stopped talking about it and concentrated on myself.

Reeyaji, I am really thankful and grateful to you for all your teachings. I admire your dedication towards your channel and I really feel you are the most underrated Youtuber.


I really really wish you more than enough of abundance, prosperity, success, joy everything that I feel today.






Completed Sales target Even in Critical Situation Of COVID

Hello Mam,
The switchword you gave
is being so helpful to me to meet targets even in such critical situation of Covid19.

I achieved more than I expected. Getting appreciated a lot

Thank you so much to you and Naran Sir. Please keep your blessings with me and my family.

Million thanks for your guidance.


Suddenly Started Getting Clients In Lockdown



Hi Reeya Ma'am
You are like a blessing in disguise for people like me. Tried the Switchword "Be ridiculous.." remedy and to my surprise, it worked instantly. 
After the lockdown, I was not getting work from my clients but immediately after chanting this switch word 

I started getting a lot of work and I am doing well at my workplace. Can't thank you enough for this. thankyou so much for all the efforts you put in for us! Wishing you all the happiness and success.




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Archived 100% target  on the last day of the contest

Dear Reeya,

 I am your follower since March 2020 I had searched you in “Youtube” with “Spiritual help in Job” I had almost seen all the videos which came with the search – what made be your follower of Reeya Spiritual was you were soft-spoken and you are genuine and you had the concern to help everyone with no consultation fee and open for the people to connect via phone/email and you do reply – genuinely.



                                                                                       BUY NOW

My Testimony :

 I saw your video on Sales Target (Husband’s Achievement) which was an inspiration to achieve the target of selling the policies during the lockdown period, as there was hesitation on an internal employee of investing.

 Currently, I was doing just doing the cold calling as per instruction of my boss to the employees more than 356 per day 100 callings for few days and round 1 was over.

 My son is big fan Tiger Shroff so  I saw a movie “War” I picked up one line: apne aap se yeh poocho, ki did I give it my very best or not aur agar tumhara jawaab haan hai ... then you're a winner and my answer was “NO” as I did not do what I learnt from teachings due to fear of my husband and family members and I don’t want any hindrance while I do anything spiritually with my faith.


     BUY NOW


So I decided to remove my fears and achieve my career targets and made the energy circles with faith and intention of achieving and called the spirit of Horse as per your teaching Mam. This I keep under my laptop so it could remain of a flat surface and hidden from all hindrances.


Mam this worked wonders I achieved the target on the last day of the contest (Below appreciation for me and my boss)

My boss was not sure we achieved but my super boss was happy as in Mumbai I was only to achieve 100%

Our company could do 88%


I am now currently working on having changes in Boss and Husband with Tips shared by you and I will share my other testimony soon!

 Keep all your good work and Inspiring and motivating people like us.

Loads of Good wished and Blessing!

From your True Spiritual Follower








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