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Best Pregnancy mobile wallpaper free download


Best Pregnancy mobile wallpaper free download


If you're hoping to get pregnant soon, then you can certainly increase your chances of getting pregnant and carry health pregnancy. wondering How?

 All pregnancy phone wallpapers  are specially customised using my  spiritual knowledge and  success stories which you can check on the testimonial section of this website 



 The simple idea is to apply the law of attraction technique, which I hope you all must be aware of the book "The secret "



pregnancy mobile wallpaper


The above wallpaper supports to conceive quickly if both husband and wife are clinically fit. It also helps in increasing the sperm counts and improves the quality of sperm which results  to give birth a super talented, intelligent and super healthy baby 

To protect miscarriage and healthy growth of the foetus this wallpaper should be used by pregnant lady for the first trimester ‘




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pregnancy mobile wallpaper


If a women use this wallpaper from her second trimester it helps in protecting the life of the baby from untimely death and unnatural demise,

 The second trimester is a crucial period for pregnancy, so this mantra eliminates physical and mental suffering for everyone.

Even use of this wallpaper helps in karma healing.


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pregnancy mobile wallpaper


If any women use this wallpaper in her last trimester it gives protection to the baby during the phase of delivery.

Even helpful in breech type of delivery or any type of sudden emergency happens in last trimester instead of getting panic start chanting the mantra mentioned in wallpaper.

if a lady uses this wallpaper she will never give birth to a mentally retarded baby.




pregnancy mobile wallpaper


All pregnant woman dreams about  least  labour pain and gives birth to a healthy baby, so this wallpaper fairly justifies desire as it helps in painless delivery in supreme divine guidance  

It also helps in clearing all the hidden blocks, and undiscovered complications which might develop during pregnancy 

It helps pregnant women to overcome their fear of labour pain and baby wellness.


pregnancy mobile wallpaper



if a  pregnant lady uses this mobile wallpaper,  she will benefit greatly in her pregnancy, let's know how it will work.

Elm - Enhances the mental and physical vitality of pregnant lady. A woman feels more uncomfortable during pregnancy and also has to take more care of herself. Pregnant women frequently get upset thinking about how she will be able to handle so much. Elm Bach Flower balances these emotions and stretches her capacity to handle everything perfectly.

Sweet chestnut - Sweetchestnut works like Divine Grace during the pregnancy and at the time of delivery.

Hornbeam - Help's Baby for Continuous movement.

Walnut - Each day and every trimester in pregnancy is like a transition. Walnut bach flower helps in handling this transition

Aspen - Often in pregnancy, there are many types of emotions arising inside the woman, which many times she is not able to figure out properly, such as nervousness, nausea, uneasiness, anxiety. Aspen bach flower helps in dealing with them.

Red chestnut - Constant Worry About the Growth of Baby, Redestnut Bach Flower Balance this Emotion of Pregnant Woman.


pregnancy mobile wallpaper

Diamond Pearl and Yellow sapphire are gems, which helps in the growth of the foetus. It works in a similar manner as Lalitham Srinivasam and  ESHWAR wallpaper woks. 


   pregnancy mobile wallppaper

This wallpaper helps to conceive fastly so the use of this wallpaper can help you to extend your family,

Sweet chestnut-to get divine grace

Walnut- to bring transition in situation

FIND DIVINE -switch word 

Child- Goal 


 This wallpaper is beneficial for those are trying to conceive for a long time but still didn't get success.

Rabbit -Animal spirit guide helps in conceiving

Bring- to manifest, create, generate, attract desire

Copy- helps infertility 

pregnancy mobile wallpaper

This wallpaper helps in the normal and safe delivery of the baby,

Together divine- master switch word


pregnancy mobile wallpaper

Helps in successful IVF treatment

Gorse - Not to lose hope

Gentian and Honeysuckle - To feel happy from inside and get successful results of the efforts you put instead of always lost in past failure memories



Hi, mam good evening

 Mam I am in 36 Weeks 2 days of my Pregnancy today I had My GS Scan and the doctor told my baby is healthy and normal in a good Condition I am happy about it but the baby is in breech position and doctor has recommended me C Section delivery She told me because of this Position But I want to deliver My baby through normal delivery and the doctor told me there are 2 weeks remaining time for my delivery

Please help me and Suggest me, mam, what can I do to Change this Situation and I Really Want to deliver my baby through normal delivery

mam I have chanted the mantra given by you, and I have delivered a baby boy through normal delivery

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Use this phone wallpaper in your phone and in your bedroom if you are facing problem in Conceiving

More Wallpapers are coming soon .....Visit again



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