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Best maifestation mantras for phone wallpaper free download


Best maifestation mantras for phone wallpaper free download

This wallpaper can help you to overcome laziness, lethargy and habit of procrastination.
Helpful for those who want stability in life.
When you have fear of transfer immediately start using this wallpaper.
Those who are on the wrong path this wallpaper can be used for eye-opening and self-realisation.
If you are facing continuous loss in your business this wallpaper will stop it immediately, consistent use can help you to generate profit as it is an abundance mantra.
If you are in some problem, use this wallpaper to reach the right solution.
During the solar eclipse use this wallpaper for overall improvement.




This mantra works on your pranic helps in stabilising you if you are panicking in a certain situation and looking forward to a solution.

I call this wallpaper HOSPITAL WALLPAPER, yes every hospital should stick this mantra wallpaper for the fast recovery of their patient. Like the present COVID situation all hospitals can use it.  

If someone is hospitalised from your dear one this wallpaper is helpful, use it as your phone wallpaper and start reciting the mantra as many times as possible also take this wallpaper printout and keep it under patient pillow if possible.


This wallpaper is also useful for kidney patient, if anyone is going through kidney problem they can use this wallpaper till they recover completely, also it works on heart muscles.


This wallpaper can help you to find inner soul, so just save it in your phone.

This wallpaper also helps in controlling hysteric and schizophrenic patients during acute this wallpaper can be a stick in the room of these kinds of patients who suddenly goes out of control or use as phone wallpaper in their phone.



This wallpaper is useful to get good marks, to become topper, crack any competitive exam. The mantra mentioned in this wallpaper is very powerful and well tested by many people. This mantra is also popular as a winning mantra



To activate supernatural power inside us

To be an achiever 

To always be happy 

To get help as a friend  

Any problem can be solved, no matter how much the problem is big

Removes evil eye and black magic 

Helps to activate the throat chakra 

It purifies and cleanses the mind, thus helps to accomplish big materialistic goals like- I want  to be a successful businessman, I want to get promoted



Helps to build immunity

Helps to heal any kind of cancer 

Helps to heal cough, cold, fever

Helps to give protection from an earthquake or any natural calamities

Helps to cure any kind of infection-viral, bacterial, fungal

Helps in protecting aura by creating golden colour around the person

Helps in maintaining good health always 

Helps in easy dying if any old age person is on the ventilator 

Helps in cleaning space around the person

Helps in reducing weight 

Helps in treating typhoid 




This wallpaper helps in healing spondylitis as well as frozen shoulders.

This wallpaper helps in healing any kind of a pain in the body, regulate menses, hormonal imbalance pain during menses, burn past karma, feeling extreme pain in the heart .feeling pain inside the heart in a jobless situation.



This wallpaper helps in treating Parkinson disease and paralysis.

Any Health issues related to the nervous system.





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  • KARISHMA Parekh

    Jun 05, 2021
    Can u have wallpaper of lalitham sadashivam lalitham chandrasheram
    • REEYA

      Jun 10, 2021
      yes we will try to upload it soon
  • Kavita R Bendugade

    Nov 27, 2020
    I tried her switch words as well as like wallpapers they rally works... If u trust from your ❤hearts thanks reeya mam naran sir... I m from thane mumbai.
  • Rupesh

    Oct 11, 2020
  • Rupesh

    Oct 11, 2020

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