About Me

Hello readers,

I am reeya and I  have two kids, really enjoying motherhood after applying so many spiritual teachings which I have learnt from my spiritual mentor –Naran s balakumar sir. In this blog, I will share various spiritual healing techniques and various ways through which I have transformed my life in the last 7 yrs.

MY life was not same 7yrs back but I have decided to transform and change everything and with my spiritual mentor help it has become possible. I have started applying various healing techniques like mantras chanting, switch words, Bach flowers, vision board, emotional freedom technique, affirmations and much more which time to time I will share with you all.

 In my blog, you will get a chance to read various success stories which give you enough trust to at least adopt the various healing techniques to bring miracle in your life.


I am not a professional healer, therapist, and practitioner but I can assure you whatever I will share in my blog will help you to transform your life and create big miracles.


Please take full responsibility for your well being

 Million thanks to my mentor Naran sir


Hii Friends I am Reeya .i will bring thé solutions For thé problems which we face in our daily life.
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